Here at SoxSided we love the White Sox, and have some thoughts. Now those thoughts will be shared with more than each other via text and facebook messenger. We are new and hope to provide you with fun, insightful, and informative White Sox coverage. We ask that you bear with us as we start at at time that may be a slow time for a rebuilding team and as our writing styles and website evolve. Mort, Andy, and Joe will be posting here as regularly as we can and as there is news that comes down or opinions that come to us. This site will only be as good and fun as you, the reader, we all welcome interaction and feedback, and will need it. We are 3 different people that see different things in every signing, every win, every loss, and every departure (heres looking at you Avi). Interaction is what will drive traffic here, and drive us to write the articles you want to read in a way that you want to read them. You can email us at SoxSided@gmail.com, follow us on twitter @SoxSided, and there will be more platforms for us to interact and get you the White Sox coverage you crave as this evolves. So congratulations on being in on the ground level and we look forward to growing with and because of you.



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