Looking at Adam Ottavino

Let’s take a look at one of relievers left on the market, Adam Ottavino. Adam is 33 years old and really found his groove last season in Colorado after changing his offseason program going into 2018. Adam, who had normally worked out with some fellow pitchers that had moved away found himself with noone or nowhere to train. Adam’s father in law is a real estate developer and had an empty commercial space (pictured below) near Adams family home in Harlem, he let him use it rent free, unless you count the love, admiration, and a Nolan Arenado signed bat. Adam had been a student of trackman and Driveline, which have helped pitchers and gain a better understanding of pitchers. Adam invested in some specialty cameras so he could evaluate himself and create a new pitch and improve his command to to induce weaker contact. It worked, his hard hit percentage went from 36.5 to 25.3 percent and his strikeouts per 9 jumped to almost 13.

Adam Ottavino traing spot

So does Adam fit with the White Sox, and how much would it cost? Well, Kiley McDaniel has his estimate at 3 years for 45 million dollars, averaging 15 million a year. Thats alot of money for a team that already has Jace Fry, Ian Hamilton, Ryan Burr, and the recent addition of Alex Colome. Relievers are a very volatile animal and you would like to see a bit more of a history of a guy being a two win player, like he was last year. Now if you can get a lead and have teams know you have Adam Ottavino, now away from Coors Field, coming out of the bullpen having already seen or knowing that Alex Colome and friends could still be lurking. He is also a different pitcher than he was in 2017, so it is hard to judge his past against 2018.


Would I sign Adam, no, not at that number. 15 million a year tied up in one relief pitcher with a history doing what he did in 2018 is just too big a risk, even if he does think he could strike out Babe Ruth every time. There is no need to tie up 15 million dollars on a question mark, especially with a rich pipeline of possible high leverage relief pitchers. If I’m Rich Hahn I allow Adam to either have a very good next couple years, or be overpaid elsewhere. I also expect Adam to end up with more than 3 years, someone will get desperate and give him more. 

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