The Swiss Army Knife

This time around i’ll take a look at the most versatile free agent, Marwin Gonzalez. You know Marwin, he was instrumental in the Astros 2017 World Series run. He came up as a shortstop but has played every single position with the exception of pitcher and catcher. Marwin was originally an international free agent by the Chicago Cubs, but was picked in the rule 5 draft by the Red Sox who traded him to the Astros. He made the opening day roster for the Astros at the start of their rebuild in 2012.


Kiley McDaniel of fangraphs has a contract estimate for Gonzalez at 3 years for 39 million dollars, 13 million dollars a year annually. Offensively, Marwin fell off a bit from 2017 when he was worth 4 WAR with a 144 wRC+, to 1.6 WAR and a 104 wRC+ in 2018. His strikeout rate rose in 2018 and his power dropped which isn’t a great sign for a 30 year old.


I would love to see Marwin join the White Sox. Flexibility is key in the MLB with the ever expanding bullpens and he provides it. In 2018, Gonzalez played 533 innings in left field, 269 at shortstop, 183 at second base, 176 at first base, 19 at third, three in right, and two in center. The issue I would have is the money. 13 million for a utility player with rising strikeouts and falling power is a lot, especially with a guy like Yolmer Sanchez already on the team. However if that number comes down by a couple million and Rich Hahn feels this is the piece he really needs to add, I could get behind that.


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