Why Jon Jay You Ask

Rich Hahn is throwing a party, and all of Manny Machado’s friends are invited. Today they inked outfielder Jon Jay to a deal, he made his debut in 2010 for the Cardinals. He has played for the Cardinals, Padres, Cubs, and split last season between the Royals and Diamondbacks. Jon is a guy who gets on base and hits for average, he has a career batting average of .285 and get on base over 35 percent of the time. Jon is probably best used as a 4th outfielder type, he is a below average fielder worth 14 runs below average since 2016. He is not slow but he isn’t speedy either, having a top speed of 26.4 last season, which ranks him the bottom third of the league. Jon has spent most of his career batting at the top of the order, batting there almost 87 percent of his big league plate appearances.


Now that may not seem very exciting at all, and i’ll admit on its face it’s really not. Where the plot thicken though is when you look at the company Jon keeps. Jon is good friends with Yonder Alonso, current White Sox player, and Manny Machado, current free agent target. We all play on different teams now, but everyone knows we have a special bond. When one of these guys comes to town, my teammates will be like, “Look out … the Miami crew is here.” We’ll pick each other up at the airport! Everybody just knows how it is. Miami guys stick together. said Yonder Alonso in a players tribune article.


It seems Rick Hahn is trying to create a very soft easy landing spot for a hopeful acquisition of Manny Machado. Coming off a disappointing 2018 everyone knew the Sox would have to get creative and sell Manny harder than the others. Maybe this is that edge, his friends, some countrymen, and his brother in law along with the prospects and oh yeah that massive bag of cash could be the deciding factors. Either way it’s yet another sign that Rick Hahn is doing EVERYTHING he can, turning over every rock, and finding any and every way to make this team better in 2019 and beyond.


This is obviously an exciting time to be a White Sox fan. Thank you for taking the time out to read our posts and stay close to us on Facebook and Twitter as we will pass you information just as soon as we get it, and you’ll get some voices and content you may not see anywhere else. Stay tuned and get excited White Sox fans.




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