Looking at Zack Collins

Let’s take a look at the White Sox top-rated catching prospect, he has been ranked in the top ten of White Sox prospects since 2016. Yes, Zack Collins has been around and that highly thought of for three seasons. Zack was originally thought to make his debut this past year, but was slowed a bit and is now likely to make his major league debut at some time in 2019. We looked back at the catcher position as a whole here and looked at Zack’s counterpart in the system Seby Zavala, but now let’s take a look at Collins.


He was drafted tenth overall in 2016 after getting many accolades at the U including being named ACC and Baseball America Freshman of the year and in his junior year the Johnny Bench Award. It did not take long for the Sox to take notice of his talents, promoting him to high A Winston Salem after only three rookie league games, and was named an all-star for the Dash in 2016. In 2016 between the two teams he slashed .244/.396/.435 he hit 6 home runs and 18 RBI in 39 games. His season earned him a trip to the Arizona Fall League after 2016 where he hit two home runs in 10 games, in both the regular season and the Arizona Fall league Zack drew more walks than he got hits. 2017 saw Zack get started in high A, and get promoted to double-A for 12 games, he slashed .224/.370/.445 he hit 19 home runs and once again walked to first more than he hit to get on base. 2018 saw Zack spend the entire season with double-A, and was named to the All-Star game, and he won the home run derby. He slashed .234/.382/.404 with 15 home runs, he also stole five bases, which is five more steals than his professional career total. Guess what Zack had more of that year, walks or hits?


Zack again had more walks than he did hits again in 2018. Offensively the eye, patience, and power are Zacks calling cards, though he has issues making contact and thus strikes out at a higher rate, 28 percent to be exact. With the catching equipment on is where Zack needs to make his biggest strides, he has an accurate arm, but his arm strength is just average, he threw out 34 percent of baserunners so far in his career. Zack is not on the 40 man roster as he is not yet eligible for the rule 5 draft, but can be, and will have to be added to the 40 man if he is called up to the majors. Unless he greatly improves his defense behind the plate he will either be a designated hitter, first baseman, or another organizations question mark.


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