Grading the Rebuild So Far

Here at SoxSided, we decided to run a little group project. We asked each other 4 questions, the first of which you see here. Andy, Joe, and I (Mort) have differing views on things and I feel they are on display here. We asked each other about the state of the rebuild, prospects we are excited about, visiting players we are making a point to see this year, and how we asses the job manager Rick Renteria has done thus far. So without further adieu, guys how do you grade the rebuild as of today?


Operating under the assumption we don’t sign Manny, I give the rebuild a C+. Maybe its because the Cubs rebuild seemed quicker, but KB, Rizzo, Hendricks, Schwarber came out AAA and adjusted easily to the MLB. Moncada, Giolito, Tilson, Kopech (TJ injury) and Fulmer have struggled mightily. I am not doubting Hahn and Kenny made the right moves acquiring these highly talented players; however, I do question whether or not we have the right people developing them. I’m hopeful, but outside of Chris Sale, I can’t think of a homegrown White Sox player that developed into an All-Star.


I’m rating this rebuild as an A with the only major blemish being the inability to move Avisail Garcia. Obviously, he cannot force another team to take a player, but there was no noise of him TRYING to move him, I really hope he was not fooled by the 2017 .392 BABIP all-star season. His drafting record seems very good with guys like Nick Madrigal, and 19 out of the Sox top 30 being homegrown drafted players. His trades speak for themselves so far although none have shown their full potential. International signings included Miker Adolfo and Luis Robert. He also possibly made the biggest move by not making a move last offseason when the White Sox were reportedly kicking the tires on Manny Machado but did not trade him.


I would rate the rebuild as a solid B currently. Hahn has done well restocking the farm that was less talented than the WCW Vince Russo roster for years. Now it’s flourishing with great young talent. He’s shown lots of patience to make sure to get the most he can in trades. Only thing I am missing is a big signing. The rebuild is ready to start contending and we need a signature star. If he can sign Machado or Harper, I improve my grade to an A.

There you have it White Sox fans, let us know what you think. How you would grade the rebuild so far, let us know in the comments below. You can also let us know on our Twitter @SidedSox or on our facebook page. There is also our email where you can ask questions, give feedback, and let us know if there is something you would like to see our thoughts on, we take requests. Thanks as always for reading.


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