Goin’ Prospecting

We hope you all liked and enjoyed the first in our set of group questions on how we are grading the rebuild so far, read it here if you missed it. Today we’re gonna take a look at some prospects we are looking forward to NOT NAMED ELOY. We all know Eloy Jiminez is the big fish in this system, we wanted to dig deeper and see who we are excited to see. So without any more waiting here is the prospects, we are looking most forward too seeing debut on the south side.


I was going to go with the obvious answer of Dylan Cease but that seemed boring. So I will go with Zach Collins. It’s unlikely he is the catcher of the future but he could be the DH/1B of some good Sox teams. He has good raw power and a patient hitter. He won’t have a great average but he walks a lot so his OBP should still be fine considering his low average. We’ve been hearing about Collins for years and one of the first guys to be drafted after we knew Hahn was for sure running the show. His success will give me even more faith in Hahn.

zach collins


Though I’m not sure he gets a call-up, Nick Madrigal. Mort has been selling this guy like he is the next Omar Vizquel. Nick has a great arm, good bat, and has great plate discipline. Some analysts have compared him to Ian Kinsler and that would be a great situation for the budding White Sox.

nick madrigal


The cop out is Michael Kopech, who will miss 2019 after Tommy John Surgery and still has his rookie and prospect eligibility intact, but I like words. I’m gonna go with a different, often forgotten, part of the Chris Sale trade, Luis Alexander Basabe. We all saw Luis burst onto the stage with a massive home run off Reds prospect Hunter Greene in the Future Stars game. He is a switch-hitting center fielder who has an arm that grades out to right field which provides the flexibility that the team will need. He is also a plus runner and could be a 20 – 20 or even 30 – 30 player if he fills his potential. He probably won’t be up this upcoming season but he isn’t far off,  his ETA is 2020.

luis alexander basabe

There it is folks, there are the prospects we are looking forward to seeing in the big leagues soon. Let us know what prospect you’re most excited about seeing in the big leagues in the comments below. You can also follow and let us know on our Twitter @SidedSox or on our Facebook page. You can also email us at SoxSided@gmail.com letting us know what you think or what you would like to see us write about. Thanks again for reading.



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