Players We Gotta See

We have graded the rebuild and took a look at the prospects we are looking forward to. This go-round we’re going to take a look at some visiting players that we try and make a point to go and see live. There are certain players that you need to see live, whether its the sweet swing of Ken Griffey Jr or Randy Johnsons amazing fastball. The dominance of Mariano Rivera’s cutter or the well, everything, that Mike Trout does. There are players or traits that you need to see to believe or really appreciate. These are who we cannot wait to see.


The obvious answer here is Mike Trout but I won’t go the route of the best player in baseball. I’d love to see Vlad Guerrero Jr if he’s called up. This kid can absolutely crush the ball. He has insane power and can hit for average too. He already looks like a star and he’s only 19! Let that sink in. At 19, I was playing baseball with local friends and thinking I was special hitting lob pitches 250 feet. This guy is making good young players look like children.

vlad jr


Unfortunately, Shohei Ohtani will not be pitching this season and there is no promise of seeing Ichiro suit up for the White Sox opening day. I am going to go a bit off the beaten path here and choose Willians Astudillo of the Minnesota Twins. Not only does he look like Maui from Moana, but Willians is also the antithesis of what major league baseball is now with the rise in three true outcomes. Willians has a career strikeout rate of 3.1, a career walk rate of 2.1, and doesn’t really hit many home runs. I mean in 2011 he only struck out twice in 220 plate appearances.  Not only that but he plays everywhere, literally everywhere, in his professional baseball career he has played EVERY position, he even pitched last season for the Twins in a blowout on July 14, 2018. Assuming he makes the team, I will be doing everything I can to see Astudillo every time I can, and at least once live.



Trea Turner. Trea is my F’N guy! The sox could’ve actually drafted Trea-Baby, but opted on Carlos Rodon. Not a knock on Carlos, but I was shaken when I saw that draft class and saw Trea-baby at Round 1 Pick 13. I love me some Trea, ever since 2016 when he was called midseason (73 games) and hit .342 AVG-13 HR-40 RBI-33SB. He legit carried me to the playoffs and while I was out of my 30 FA adds, Trea and Abreu bashed my way to a 2nd Place finish. For that Trea will always be like a son to me. I’ll return the favor because Trea-baby might be the first jersey I buy my son.

trea turner

That is who we are going to watch and try an see live and the reasons why. Who are you going to make a priority to go see this year and why? Let us know in the comment section or on our Twitter @SidedSox. You can also get at us on facebook by liking our page. You can also email us at to let us know what you think or if you have any ideas for what you would like to see us cover. Thanks as always for reading.


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