The Managerial Situation

On Tuesday we looked at the rebuild so far, Wednesday saw the prospects were looking forward to, and yesterday what visiting players we want to see. This time we all took a look at Ricky Renteria. Rick has overseen this rebuild since 2016 and we have some thoughts. We all understand that Rick hasn’t exactly been given the weapons at the major league level to win divisions or even a lot of games. We can still look at the attitude and culture he is creating, and we all did that here. So we won’t make you wait any longer, opinions range from torched earth, to slightly annoyed, to nihilistic.


Take em or leave em. See my Bruce Bochy article


I’m kind of a mix on Ricky. The first year, I loved Ricky. Players showed a lot of heart and were competitive the final month of the season in 2017. In 2018, it was the complete opposite. Guys seemed to not play as hard and he made many questionable decisions. The one that upset me most was the call to bring Kopech back out after a pretty lengthy rain delay. I think that led to him injuring his UCL and needing Tommy John surgery. I don’t think Ricky will be the coach that leads this team when they’re competing in a couple seasons but maybe he will prove me wrong this year with some actual talent on the roster. With all that said, I’d be thrilled if they replaced him for Girardi, Bochy or Omar Vizquel.


I am so done with Rick Renteria. The most glaring blunder that cost the White Sox for a season and a month was his unfathomable decision to let Michael Kopech go back out after a lengthy rain delay in a lost season against the damn Tigers. This isn’t some rookie manager, this move would also be inexcusable for a rookie manager, he’s been a manager across town, and a bench coach before this move is unfathomable and Hahn should have shown him the door after that, Kopech’s UCL may have torn his next start but the optics are what wins the day here. His bullpen management is suspect at best, as is his use of the lineup card. To have a player like Yolmer Sanchez on a roster and they are not deployed as a super utility is downright stupid, Matt Davidson could have gotten some run at third so could have Nicky Delmonico. Instead, Yolmer played third base 141 out of the 154 games he was in, one was a DH so throw that out the window. The whole grit and hustle and “Ricky’s boys don’t quit” crap plays great for the fans, but this is the big leagues, and those high school pep talks and benching someone for not running out a grounder in a lost season doesn’t play with me. Let Ricky’s boys not quit in double or triple A, where you wanna set a culture, get rid of this point A to point A- coach and bring in a real manager, if he doesn’t I think Hahn will regret it.  

So there are our thoughts on Renteria, what are yours. Are you nihilistic like Joe, on the fence like Andy, or completely done with him like Mort. Let us know in the comments below. Follow us on Twitter @SidedSox and let us know what you think. You can also get at us on our Facebook page or email us at with your thoughts or what you want to hear us banter about next. Thanks as always for reading.


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