The Good, the Bad, and the Turds of Week 1

Opening week is in the books and the White Sox went 1-2 against the lowly Royals. There were some good moments, some bad, and some downright smelly turds. Let’s get started with:

The Good

Yoan Moncada- What an opening week for the centerpiece of the Chris Sale trade! He went 6-13 at the plate for a fantastic .462 average. He hit a homer, had a walk, has an OPS of 1.269 and a .500 OBP. He was aggressive with pitches in the strike zone and worked the counts into his favor. Plus, he played stellar defense and made some incredible plays. He looked to be a very good defensive 3B which we’ve lacked since Joe Crede. Keep it up Yoan!

Lucas Giolito- Lucas looked lost and destined to be a bullpen guy last season. His first start of 2019 saw him carry a No-No into the 7th inning. He started the game, walking Merrifield on four straight pitches. We thought we were in for a long day. Boy, were we wrong. He would go on to get the next 19 Royals batters out. He had excellent command, only walking one. He had overpowering stuff with the 8 K’s. 8-1 K/BB ratios are very good! He started getting a bit fatigued in the 7th and that’s when he lost his no-hit bid. His offseason work on his mechanics looks to have worked. I still think Giolito has the stuff to be a number two pitcher. Just needs to keep this up.

The Bad

Yolmer Sanchez- Opening week for Yolmer could not have possibly been worse. He went 1-12 at the plate with 3 strikeouts. He also made a huge error in game 1 that blew the doors open for the Royals win. Now, I’m not calling for Yolmer’s head like many Sox fans are. He was a solid player last year with a 3.5 WAR and a great clubhouse guy. He also keeps things fun for both players and the fans. With that said, he must be better.

Reynaldo Lopez- Lopez had a brutal first start, to say the least. Managed to only go four innings and looked so tired by the third. He walked four batters, gave up six hits and hit a batter. All a recipe for disaster. 2.75 whip and 9.00 ERA is never a fun day. The weather was brutal and may have had something to do with it but he will need to be a steady arm if the Sox will make any noise in 2019.

Ricky Renteria- Wow, Ricky looked bad. It seemed every move he made, backfired. From calling for a pinch runner during an at-bat to leaving fatigued pitchers in far too long, to playing Leury and letting him leadoff. This is a crucial year for Ricky. He has to show me something. The young guys need to progress and show signs of life. No more regressing, already. Your jobs on the line now, Ricky. Stop getting cute and trying to out-think every coach.

The Turds

Leury Garcia- I am so over the Leury Garcia experiment. The guy is meh at best. Plus, he’s always hurt. Stop playing this clown shoe already. Give his at-bats to somebody more deserving. He went 3-14 this week with no walks! .214 OBP is horrendous. Let him be a filler on Sunday for somebody who needs some rest. Not your everyday leadoff man.

Kansas City Weather- Whoof! Lots of rain and low 30s temps aren’t exactly ideal for baseball. I just enjoy a nice temperature and some sun for opening day!

White Sox 8,9,1 hitters- 7-37! That’s a .189 average! Yikes! That is absolutely pitiful. Every time something would look to get going offensively, the bottom of the order came up and just sucked, killing any form of rally. They made Royals (second worst team in baseball last year) starters look like Max Scherzer.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Look out for my weekly The Good, the Bad and the Turds articles every Monday!



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