The Good, the Bad, and the Turds (Week 2)

With week two now complete, we have a better idea of this Sox team. Looks like we’re in for a long season…again but there seem to be a few bright spots. Last week, the Sox went 2-3 with the home opener being postponed a day. Sox had a two-game win streak and fans were getting excited! Well, that quickly deflated by the weekend after they got their teeth kicked in for back to back games against the Mariners. With that said, let’s talk about:

The Good

Tim Anderson– What a week from Timmy! He had the birth of his second daughter, Paxton. He returned and absolutely crushed the ball. Last week, he batted a remarkable .770 at the plate going 10-13. He also added a couple of HRs with 5 runs, 4 RBIs, and a walk. Mind you, this was only 3 games. Also played solid defensively.

Leury Garcia– The first week, Leury made it on my Turds list. This week he vastly improved and played very well. Leury batted .429, going 6-14 at the dish. He also added 6 runs, a walk, two Stolen Bases and only left one man on base. Maybe I was wrong about Leury. He could be a good leadoff guy. He earned some more time from me to get a better judgment on him.

Carlos Rodon- Rodon pitches a masterful game against the Indians. He went six innings allowing no earned runs. He struck out nine guys while only waking one. He also only gave up a couple of hits. He earned this victory and completely dominated the tribe. Well done, Carlos!

The Bad

Jose Abreu- Jose, by no means, was close to the worst player on the team this week. He actually did pretty well getting five RBIs for the week and hit a Homer and five runs scored. Where he was bad, was his average, contact, and the timing of his at-bats. Jose only batted .227 for the week and struck out seven times. What’s even more shocking is that he left nine runners on base. He had golden opportunities to put numbers on the board and he failed. He also only had one walk so he’s been far from patient at the plate. He’s a perennial All-Star candidate, so I expect a little better from him is all.

Welington Castillo- This guy should probably be on my Turd List but I needed one more for the Bad and have too many turds to name with this team. Last week, Castillo went 1-9 for a lousy .111 average. Everybody goes through slumps but what’s been awful is he’s been batting cleanup!! Now, this isn’t his fault. He doesn’t make the lineup. It just makes his lousy bat stick out even more. He left six men on base and had an error(catcher interference) along with a passed ball. It sucks seeing a couple of guys on and one or fewer outs and this bozo walking to the plate. Then you have Yoan or Eloy on deck who are far superior options and could use the possible extra at bat. Plus, he’s the man to guide this pitching staff. He hasn’t done anything well.

The Turds

Ricky Renteria- I am beyond over this guy. He hasn’t made the correct move it seems in two years now! I understand he’s had little to no talent on the roster but come on! Welington Castillo should NEVER be batting cleanup. Then, you put him at DH and still bat cleanup and have McCann catch! We have two catchers in the lineup!! That’s like your buddy putting two kickers in his fantasy football team for the week, except Ricky’s being paid a lot to look like a fool. Put Eloy at DH and throw someone who can hit or play defense in. Then, he has Colome and Herrera and refuses to use them in high leverage situations. He keeps trotting out Fry and Nate Jones who blow. Ricky needs to have been gone yesterday.

Bullpen- I thought this bullpen was going to at least be respectable and possibly good. It still could be if Ricky ever gets a clue, but so far it’s been up there with the Cubs for worst in baseball. Last week the BP over 19.1 innings had an ERA of 8.01, 11 walks, 22 hits, and blew the lead in game one against the Indians for the loss. Opponents hit .362 against our bullpen this week. Fry, Nate Jones, and Covey have been downright brutal. To the point where you see them called from the pen and you wish betting was legal in Illinois so you can bet the over for that inning. It’s a lock they’ll give up two runs. All three have ERA’s over 10 currently. Pathetic is an understatement.

Daniel Palka- What happened to Palka? He was never a good average guy but he was a respectable player. He doesn’t even resemble a Double-A player right now. Last week he went 0-10 for a .000 average. He also struck out six times! More than half his at-bats. He had an RBI(on bases-loaded walk) and left 9 guys on base. That’s so bad considering he had only 10 at-bats. He needs to be sent down and figure things out cuz he’s an easy out for the opposing pitcher.

Yolmer Sanchez- Last week, Yolmer was on the Bad List. This week he was downgraded to Turd and rightfully so. At this pace, I’ll have to think of a lower category to place him on. For the week, Yolmer went 0-12 with 14 men left on base! My god, just two hits last week and he probably would’ve had 5 RBIs. He gets opportunity after opportunity and just drizzles dookie down his leg. He struck out five times to go along with one walk(imagine how embarrassed that pitcher must be for walking Yolmer). He also played poor defense with two errors, one of which was a costly one in game one of the Indians game. I loved Yolmer last year and thought he could be a poor mans Zobrist for the team for years to come. Now I’m starting to think he shouldn’t even be in the big leagues. I am really cheering for Yolmer to figure it out cuz he’s a great person and clubhouse guy. He makes the game fun.

Lucas Giolito- Went from a fantastic start and building up momentum to hot garbage again. 4.1 IP against the M’s and gave up 6 hits, 4 walks, and 5 ER. All that positive momentum is gone. He may be best suited for the bullpen.


Thank you for letting me vent. We have some good pieces for the future core in Yoan, Anderson, Eloy, and Lopez. The rest is just killing time for the answer to show up. Feel free to let us know your views or tell us your Good, Bad and Turds on Twitter @sidedSox or on email at



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