About Us

Soxsided.com- This will be an all White Sox site where you get the latest news and rumors. We are three die hard Sox fans who are relatable to the average guy. We use analytics, humor and knowledge to spread the White Sox gospel.


Mort- My name is Mike and I am definitely on the more analytical side of things, as hopefully you have read. I don’t mean or want to beat you over the head with the “fancy stats” but I use them. If you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or ideas let me know. Thanks alot for reading I hope you’re entertained and maybe thinking.


Andy- My name is Andy and I am a die hard Sox fan. Been going to Sox games since I was 3 years old and loved them ever since. I am less analytical and more the average die hard fan. I know this will be a great place for White Sox fans to chat, spread ideas and dreams, and to gain inside knowledge.

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